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Everyone's a Joe Racer

joe racer    (jō  ra ' sėr) :
one who is willing
to race anything, anytime, anywhere.

  will skip breakfast if it will give him a better power-to-weight ratio.          thinks testosterone is one of the four basic food groups.          would loan out his wife for a new right rear tire.            would rather have eight beers and 3 hours sleep then 3 beers and 8 hours sleep.          thinks “stock-appearing” is only a state of mind.          believes a properly engineered part can always have one more hole drilled in it.          believes titanium is the most precious of all metals.          lives by the simple rule: “never lift”- even when he’s driving the hauler.          always pays his race entries before he pays his rent.          knows his engine can’t be oversize if it still fits in the car.          thinks the lord every day for slick tracks and rental cars.          would race big wheels for 20$ for the purse.

thinks “community service” is mowing the tech inspector’s lawn.          makes race car noises in his sleep.          believes in the great sponsor.          has nothing to prove and spends every weekend proving it.          a true racing legend in his own mind.

not to be confused with joe blow.
JR Modern Logo (C).png
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